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We all have great ideas, but without proper execution, sadly those ideas will remain a figment of our imaginations. But what if we told you that with a small investment, we could help some of those ideas come to life? When it comes to business, we’ve got to learn to think outside the box; or in other words–get creative!  One of the major keys in doing this is utilizing every inch of opportunity and resources at your disposal. Our memberships start at only $99/month with UNLIMITED conference room use and access to over 7 locations! Nuff said, right? And if that wasn’t enough, or you need just a little more convincing; below, we’re going to share FOUR ways to get the most of your membership!

1.) Sell a class, sell a service.

Whether you’re a beauty guru looking for a dynamic space to host your next masterclass or an experienced marketer who teaches folks how to grow their businesses for a living, we leave no skill set behind. Our conference rooms are beautifully equipped to house a myriad of services. You’ve got years of experience and knowledge that plenty of people would pay good money for. So with that being said, start thinking about how you can turn your skill set into a lucrative business  If you’re currently selling those secrets, choose Perfect Office and we won’t tell.

2.) Consultations

We know that for some businesses, reputation is E V E R Y T H I N G. This is why we pride ourselves on providing a professional setting suitable for any one-on-one or group meeting needs. With complimentary tea and coffee at each location, your clients can feel at home, as we strive to create a comfortable experience. Consultation offerings can be a great initial way to jumpstart your business or become a staple service to attract new clientele.

3.) Conduct Trainings

Regardless if you’re a solopreneur with plans to expand, a small business with just one or two employees, or even a remote worker for a larger corporation, Perfect Office is the perfect place  for employee and group trainings. Each of our conference rooms feature mounted smart tv’s that are HDMI and USB compatible AND glass wipe boards! Throw those lessons up and teach with ease.

4.) Events and Networking

From workshops and seminars, to pop-ups, photoshoots, and parties, the possibilities are endless! In addition to unlimited conference room use, our memberships feature discounted event space to access at any of our on-site event venues. Not only that, we’ll supply you with our tables and chairs to use FREE OF CHARGE… we smell vending events in your future. Perfect Office is not just about providing workspace for all, it’s also about community building and networking across. When you become our member, you’re in for boundless support.

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