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Virtual Office

Conveniently located off of Baltimore-Washington Parkway, our Riverdale location has been the venue for vision board parties and other fun and interactive events. It has a modern and clean design that gives events a professional and welcoming atmosphere. We’ve used this venue to host a number of major events including our 2019 Perfect Entrepreneur Awards and the 2nd Annual Perfect Pitch Competition.


The space is equipped with a projector and television for any presentations or visual needs as well.


We are Perfect Office.

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Perfect Office is here to support the entrepreneurial community with a safe space for training, coaching, cultivation of business and personal development all while providing affordable, professional, and flexible office spaces. Founded by Chiko Abengowe, the original vision was born out of a great need to provide professional, affordable and flexible office space for businesses of all sizes. We recognize that building your business is not easy. We have laid the foundation that will provide the path to entrepreneurial success.

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